Knitted cars ate my blog

Knitted cars ate my blog

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We'll be talking about craft fairs, new designs and other random stuff. It's also where we'll talk about other projects which we might not market but you can always ask about patterns for.

Arrr, free patterns for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

ProductsPosted by Philip 18 Sep, 2014 20:30:13
Aarrrrrrrr, It be talk like a pirate day and time for free swag!

Knit like a pirate
Me hearty crew have sorted out the givin' away of free swag, two knitting patterns. Captain PugwashCut Throat Jake Inspired by thart swashbuckling terror o' the briney seas Cap'n Pugwash an' his nemesis Cut Throat Jake we've added them thar patterns to our shop unner a free patterns tab.

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