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Knitted cars ate my blog

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We'll be talking about craft fairs, new designs and other random stuff. It's also where we'll talk about other projects which we might not market but you can always ask about patterns for.

2015 Free Pattern Minions

ProductsPosted by Philip 26 Oct, 2015 21:02:33

It's finally here! This years free pattern which comes with a warning, knitted Minions are addictive! Well our little ones keep demanding more and more of them so that must be the case. These little guys are a bit different as you don't need to knit in the round to make them, hope you enjoy making up your own army!

Find the pattern at or on our Ravelry store at

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Customer feedback :)

ProductsPosted by Philip 19 Oct, 2015 10:53:09
It's always lovely to hear from a happy customer. Back in August, Holly asked us if she would be able to make a bigger Diplodocus by using super chunky wool. We said yes and have kept in touch (always happy to answer questions) as Holly had a few questions as it was the first time she had knitted.

Here it is, a 1.06 meter long Diplodocus knitted in super chunky wool with 10mm needles....

Look out in November for this years free pattern....

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Arrr, free patterns for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

ProductsPosted by Philip 18 Sep, 2014 20:30:13
Aarrrrrrrr, It be talk like a pirate day and time for free swag!

Knit like a pirate
Me hearty crew have sorted out the givin' away of free swag, two knitting patterns. Captain PugwashCut Throat Jake Inspired by thart swashbuckling terror o' the briney seas Cap'n Pugwash an' his nemesis Cut Throat Jake we've added them thar patterns to our shop unner a free patterns tab.

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Highland Coo

ProductsPosted by Philip 10 Aug, 2013 10:58:28
Well, as I mentioned in the Revesby post we've been designing a Highland Cow kit. It's all done now and the kit and pattern will be available on our website shop by the end of next week.

Here's a preview....

Knitted Highland Cow :)

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New kits and Patterns

ProductsPosted by Philip 29 Jul, 2013 13:12:52
We've updated the website shop as we are now selling a VW Beetle Saloon kit (and pattern) in a range of colours....

We've also added patterns for a Cthulu and a festive version... Santa Cthulhu! We have one of the Santa Cthulhu's for our tree and he looks great sitting up there amongst the baubles.

Why not have a browse around the shop, and as always feel free to have a look at the competition page and get yourself a free dalek knitting pattern.

Take care,


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